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Sweet house is a leading wpc doors supplier in united arabic emirate.We have latest technology and provide you stable quality. The doors,we provide, has of high quality and environmental friendly. The productthat we offers deserve to be in every luxury house, where design and technology is appreciated. We deal in doors more than 500 hundred that is made of different types of wood like oak, pine, alders etc. Also our price is relatively low and reasonable as compared to othercompanies related to same  business.

How it Work?

First of all, is mateculios selection and it would be either wood fibre or flour, or premium thermoplastic resin. Generally we select material that is eco-friendly and are of high quality. Our skilled technicians then blend wood fibre and thermoplastic resin with precision, gaining an optimal compositions that guarranted strength, stability, longevity of doors. After, then these material goes under heating and shaping process. This process allow us for intricts and beautiful desgin for doors. Then the doors are cooled and shaped and our experienced staffs provide highest standard of quality and durability. To enhance look of the door, we employ advanced surface treatment techniques. We go the exra mile to create door that are aesthetic. We give precise cutting and finishing process to the doors to get polished product.

Before reaching to the customers, we checks as much as we can to analyse the rigorous quality of wpc doors.

Why should You Use WPC doors?

Wood plastic composite (wpc) has alot of advantages to be used.

  • Wpc  doors are durable and resilience.
  • wpc doors have an excellence moisture resistence.
  • It required minimal maintenance as compared to traditional doors
  • wpc doors are environmental friendly and can be recycled 
  •  wpc doors can be design to any style durable its manufactural process
  • wpc doors exhibit good colour stability over time
  • wpc has inherent thermal insulation property, helping to regulate indoor temperature
  • wpc doors versatile and can be used in different application etc….

Where These door can be used?

 An interior design of wpc doors can used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and also be used in offices, hotels, retail store and resturents.

sweet house experience

We have worked more then five years as wpc doors supplier in all over United Arabic Emirate. Some of over clients are

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